I cannot possibly over-emphasise how happy we are with our wedding video by Yorkshire Wedding Videos. From being initially unsure whether a video, on top of all the other wedding expenses, wasn't a luxury we couldn't afford, to being immediately struck by the quality of their portfolio and their professional approach, we are now certain that it was some of the best money we spent on the day. Not only are we delighted to have such a treasured memory and to have had the chance to experience our wedding from the outside looking in, but we are thrilled with the quality of the finished product. There is absolutely no camera shake, nothing was missed, the image is sharp and clear throughout, the positioning of the cameras was well thought out - and yet the film crew were never conspicuous, in fact I wondered at one point whether they were even filming the wedding, as I barely noticed them. And yet they missed nothing. There was very fine attention to detail, and the closing sequence at the end, which was set to music of our choice, was composed of entirely new material, not a regurgitation of scenes from the video proper. One thing my husband and I particularly wanted was to incorporate a 'Marryoke' sequence (something we had seen several of on the internet) into our wedding video. YWV sourced and struck a deal with another local supplier who had worked on a similar sequence for HBOS, and packaged both film projects together for us, ultimately putting together an astonishingly good sequence that must have been painstakingly put together over many hours, which all our friends and family love. The level of customer service we received from start to finish was excellent and the time between filming ending and delivery of the finished product was extremely quick - especially as compared to our photographs, which took several months to produce. We would not hesitate to recommend YWV to anyone who is thinking of having a videographer at their wedding - and would implore anyone who is thinking of not having a videographer at their wedding to reconsider!

Joanna & John, Allerton Castle, Knaresborough

We are delighted with our wedding video - thank you so much for capturing everything in such detail. We have spent many a happy hour watching Chris mess up his vows, Uncle Rob entertaining everybody during his speech, and especially love how you captured the hillside around the Church. Thank you again for being part of our special day and capturing our special memories.

Sam & Chris, Holdsworth House Hotel, Halifax

The film is PERFECT, very many thanks.

Leanne & Martin, Walton Hall, Wakefield

Thank you so much for joining us on our wedding day to film our celebrations, the video is excellent, it captures everything we could remember and everything we couldn't, it was great to see the 'throwing of the bouquet' and the toastmaster drop the cake figure on the floor! We had such a fantastic day, it was perfect and we couldn't have asked for it to have gone any better than it did so it is lovely to have it all on film so we can look back over the years. This is something we will watch often and treasure always.

Emma & Derek, Judges Country House Hotel, Yarm

We are so pleased with the DVD, it was the best money we could have spent on the wedding, we have laughed and cried so many times watching it. Would you be able to put the stills on a CD including the one from the front cover as we think they are amazing. Thanks for the amazing job you did on our DVD, it was fantastic!

Emma & Matthew, Holdsworth House Hotel, Halifax

* Videos delivered to customers feature your favourite music and full stereo audio of the speeches etc.